lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

The Signs as Senses

Aries: The sight of deer jumping, the sound of fire crackling, the smell of a pine tree, the feeling of your first kiss and the taste of grass.
Taurus: The taste of metal, the sound of a cello, the sight of a river running, the feeling of your hands clapping and the smell of an apple.
Gemini: The sound of baby’s first laugh, thefeeling of soft hands, the taste of lemonade, thesmell of a candle and the sight of cats fighting.
Cancer: The feeling of marshmallows melting in your mouth, the smell after it rains, the sound of a cat purring, the taste of frosting and the sight of snow falling.
Leo: The sight of of children playing, the feeling of guitar strings on your fingers, the taste of bad food, the sound of people talking and the smell of hot chocolate.
Virgo: The taste of salt water, the smell of fresh baked cookies, the sound of book pages turning, the sight of beauty and the feeling of electricity. 
Libra: The sound of wind howling, the feeling of soft skin, the sight of bugs flying, the taste of rain and the smell of flowers.
Scorpio: The feeling of bass pumping in your chest, 
the sound of a gun, the taste of blood, thesight of 
people hugging and the smell of mist/fog.
Sagittarius: The sight of people fighting, thefeeling of losing someone, the sound of screaming, the taste of lipstick and and the smellof incense.
Capricorn: The taste of snow, the sound of drums, the sight of birds, the feeling after a long run and the smell of someones breath.
Aquarius: The sound of raining pounding on your window, the feeling of nausea, the sight of someone falling, the smell of sex and the taste of seafood.
Pisces: The feeling of butterflies in your tummy, the smell of a new blanket, the taste of alcohol, the sound of crying and the sight of grass moving with the wind.

(via zstrology)

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