domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015


All human beings are creative, wise and loving by Nature. Unfortunately, modern cultures don't always recognize or support the development of these qualities in each of us. 

The result is a feeling of powerlessness, for many people, with "power" concentrated in the hands of a few. This may help explain why modern civilizations are so out of balance, why our "consumer" lifestyles and economics are sometimes so heartless and destructive.

We can change this, beginning with ourselves, and then assisting others.

The cultivation of wisdom begins with curiosity and investigation, learning about the world, seeing how all that surrounds us is interconnected.

Love deepens as we open our hearts, let go of fear, share with others, practice gratitude, humility and generosity.

Creativity is born of imagination and mastery, the development and integration of our natural wisdom, intelligence, virtues and skills.

By cultivating and balancing the various qualities of our true nature, we recognize and harmonize our wholeness. Meditative practices grounded in conscious awareness help us to stay centered, calm, intuitive, loving and peaceful.

All of these qualities work together synergistically and grow as we give them our full attention and mindful awareness.

Be the seeds of change that you wish to see in the world. Connect and collaborate creatively with others who are doing the same.

Focused together on the deep beauty and potential of each moment, rather than illusory fears of the future, or regrets of the past. That is how a greater global transformation begins.

Tao & Zen 

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